This is how you do it.

For all you aspiring venue managers out there, this interview with Kat Winfield from BMA House is a must-listen.
Kat started her career at the bottom and through her vision, determination and hard work as well as sticking to the basics and doing them b****y well, she has now reached the role of venue manager at one of London’s foremost wedding and events venues, as well as the small matter of being at the country’s epicentre of health and wellbeing.
In this interview, Kat covers topics such as sustainability and the Global Good Awards with Karen Sutton, collaboration with key partners including catering partner CH&CO, technical team Sparq Live , mentoring from Fay Sharpe, creator and leader of Fast Forward 15 and many client relationships.
Kat seems to have found the balance we all crave and because of that, she looks (and is) happy. She’s also steely, focused and ambitious. Kat is one to watch and the work she is doing with the BMA and BMA House is to be admired.

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