Don’t go bust

Mike Kershaw spent 25 years building an event company that pretty much saw, experienced and did everything – including mistakes and plenty of them. But as he grew his £4 million business to a £45 million company, he learned a few lessons too. And one of the major ones he learned was that if you have a good business, but have hit a bump, there is help.

Well, forward wind to July 2020 and boy has our industry hit a bump. The Corona Virus has hit many, if not all businesses hard and the sad truth is that there will be casualties. But there is help.

Having exited his business 5 years ago, Mike has helped steer many hospitality businesses through choppy waters and returned them to growth, which is what he does best and enjoys most.

In this short video, which if you are a business owner in the hospitality market is well worth a listen, Mike explains that there is a way and there is help.

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