RevMet™️ to set new M&E measurement and business valuation benchmark.

Venue Performance the future-focused, competitive benchmarking service for meetings and events venues and hotels, is delighted to announce that today it is unveiling RevMet™️ a new and powerful metric that measures performance and value within the M&E industry.  With RevMet™️ M&E venues and hotels are empowered to compare at glance how they are performing against the competition or business targets. Think of RevMet™️as a single, magic number that contains within it a whole host of valuable information about a business. 

The M&E industry has long lacked a single benchmark and Venue Performance is of course the company to bring it to life. Our clients will be able to see at a glance how their revenue per metre compares against other venues within a group, against local competitors, or between regions and venue types.

“RevMet™️will be rolled out across the new Venue Performance dashboard in the coming weeks and we look forward to hearing how clients use it to analyse and improve their business in these unprecedented times,” said Peter Heath, Managing Director of Venue Performance. 

“We expect venues, hotels, event trade associations, investors and lobbying groups to pay just as close attention to RevMet ™️ scores as well as the venues and management themselves”, Heath added.

David Parker, Commercial and Events Director at Royal College of Physicians comments: “

“RevMet™️ is a great idea and long overdue. We’re supporters of and contributors to Venue Performance and this is a welcome addition to the analysis set.” 

For more information on RevMet™️ and how it can be applied to your property, contact: Peter Heath:

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