Do you use a smart meter at home?

Do you use a smart meter at home?

We do, and our household’s insight from the data has prompted significant changes in our family’s ‘operation’.

  • Kettles – boy, do they churn through the energy. So we’re now a ‘fill the mug, then pour that water into the kettle’ family.
  • Dishwashers. They also chew through the energy, so we now wash up by hand (mostly).
  • Washing machines – well, we can wear our clothes for a few more days (they’re really not that dirty). Good for the environment and energy usage all-round, but you try telling that to teenagers. I’ll chip away at that one.

Everything else is nickel and dime.

So those three energy sappers are where the waste occurs, at least in our house. But I’m sure every household is different. What I can say, though, is that our energy bills are going down. Significantly. Because of the changes I made based on the data we receive through that clever little gadget.

Venue Performance could be your smart meter for your sales and marketing activities.

Knowing where the money is (or isn’t) is gold dust in today’s market, especially as your resources are stretched.

Almost every operator I have spoken with in the last six months has the same issues: Staffing and Pricing.

Now, if you’re like my wife, who gets mildly depressed watching the meter and chooses to ignore the data, then that may very well lead to inefficiencies, or at the very least, subpar performance. Subpar compared to what you ‘could’ be achieving, that is.

So, when staffing and pricing are significant issues affecting your business, knowing where to allocate your staff and how to price your events is one, if not THE most crucial thing you can do as an operator.
Venue Performance has that data. We’re your smart meter for your sales and marketing performance.
Or you could be like my wife and ignore the data. If we took her approach, our bills would still be sky-high.
Message me if you’d like to see how VP’s smart meter works.

On another note, THANK YOU to everyone who attended our first-ever event last week at RCP London. Videos and recaps will be appearing very soon on social.

Enjoy the Jubilee weekend everyone 😀 👑 🎉

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