Where are our leaders?

Where are our leaders?
Where are our leaders? – Venue Performance

I get the fact that journalism needs to be balanced and I get the fact that no-one in the events industry knows when normal business will return but is everyone else becoming a bit tired of not knowing and more to the point, not knowing where and who to turn to for answers?
Now, I must declare that my position is slightly biased. I am in the data business and for the London events industry, I provide a platform that can see into the future (literally) and help you manage your business. (see here)
I truly believe that data has a better idea and certainly trumps opinion. That’s not to say that data is everything (otherwise we’re all doomed to be taken over by robots – but then again, maybe we are?) but I do believe and so does Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for that matter, that the answer lies in the data. My issues are, whose data do we turn to and trust?
I read an article yesterday that painted a horrific picture of the meetings and events market and in the next paragraph was quoted as saying that all will be fine in 2021. You can read the article here. WT*?
In the UK, who do we turn to for help and guidance?
My customers are the leaders/board members/owners/investors in London’s finest event venues and they’re despairing because they simply do not know what to do and who to turn to for guidance and I really feel for them. Where are our industry bodies (associations) that should be providing guidance, data and insight in times of need? Where is the leadership and clarity when (attempting) to engage with government and stakeholders?
Just when our industry needs leaders to help, support and represent them in times of need we, as an industry seem to be painfully lacking in that leadership and clarity…..and DATA to help us represent ourselves to government.
For those of you who want to know what leadership looks like, you could do a lot worse than listen to the CEO of the NEC Group who scrapped his entire agenda and focussed purely on Covid from February. It’s a chunky interview (25 mins) but from the beginning, it’s full of leadership. Listen out for his blueprint that is available for everyone and anyone.

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