Venue Performance – Podcast 11. The methodology and process of reviewing your venue’s M&E business, RaspberrySky

When reviewing your venue’s Meetings and Events business, it’s a machine with many moving parts. Each part has an impact and knock-on effect on the other parts and like most machines, keeping them well oiled (maintained) and performing to their maximum is a real challenge. That’s when it’s often best to use an external expert eye to run the performance programme. And that’s where Sally, with her 20+ year’s of experience and her expert team bring with them a wealth of knowledge and best practice, not to mention a hands on approach to implementation.

This ‘vlog’ explored Sally’s concepts, the methodologies, strategies and examples of how to do it and how not to do it as well as some creative ideas to challenge us all in these post covid times.

This is an excellent watch for anyone wanting to review/freshen-up or just simply listen to how an expert tackles the big subject.

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