Is the future local or global?

August (YTD) Bookings & Events

As many of your teams head off to Imex Vegas next month, is it time for your sales and marketing strategists to look at the changing face of the international trade markets and what impact they could have on your growth strategies?

Are you going to copy/paste what you used to do – back in the day, or will you take a fresh look at your business pipeline?

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice. There are some significant shifts in the international trade markets.

There are macro trade movements that may significantly impact customers’ flow to the UK, which may, in turn, change your sales & marketing strategy.

  • Russia’s money is no longer welcome in the UK.
  • Chinese money comes with a ‘buyer beware’ sticker.
  • The war in Ukraine has had a massive impact on the supply chain.
  • Currency fluctuations will impact the flow of people deciding where to spend their money (hold events).

If you’re an international hotel brand or a 3rd party operator, I’m sure you will have clever brains all over these macro trade flows. But what do you do if you’re a local hotel or events venue? Where do you go for guidance and help?

Well, that’s where your local/regional DMO kicks in.

Like the hotel brands and 3rd party operators, they are all over these trends and have a good handle on the flow.

So if you don’t already have a relationship with your DMO, it might just be one of the smartest phone calls you make.

And if you are keen on a deeper and far more informed read, written by an investor, chairman and long-term commentator, this article about trade shows is a quality read and will get the brain cogs turning.

Deglobalisation – the next major issue for trade shows, By Phil Soar

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