I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. I need help.

Don’t eat this stuff

A few years ago I embarked on a nutty training programme to get me up and down the Alps on a bike. Think Tour de France’s most challenging day and that was me. I like a challenge (the bigger the better) so I rose to it with gusto. I once put myself through misery on a 5-day survival course in welsh mountains. I got lost and so had to practise my newly learned survival techniques and when the (ex SAS) soldier found me, he burst into tears because he thought I was dead. Not great for his Biz Dev.
Anyway….cycling, Alps, training. One of the things I really got into when I was doing this insane training was nutrition. I was all over it. One of the things I learned was that we (as a human species) should not be eating grains. they’re not good for us. It’s no wonder that so many people have gut issues that lead to significant health problems which lead to mental health problems which lead to large NHS bills. Think about it. If we clog up our plumbing then we probably won’t be performing at our optimum.
If you fancy a debate about this and feel that I”m wrong then let’s take this offline but let’s assume (I know) I’m right. Grains (wheat mainly) are bad. End of. I know this.
So why do I keep eating them?
Well, there are all sorts of reasons.
1. Sugar hit (yes people, they are sugar bombs, like all carbs…including veggies and fruit)
2. They’re available. NO, they’re EVERYWHERE (I look) – I can’t escape them.
3. They’re easy. The food industry has made a fortune conning us to eat them so they are in almost everything we eat – well, sort of.
4. They’re filling and they give you energy
In short, I revert to them often, even when I know I shouldn’t.
I need to break my habit.
I need to have some discipline
I know what’s good for me but I can’t quiiiite bring myself to do it (not eath them)….consistently. And we all know that consistency is King/Queen.
That got me thinking. It’s a bit like data.
We should be using data to drive decisions, not people’s opinions.
Data ALWAYS has a better idea and we know this but time and time again, we ignore the data, even worse, we ignore the principle of using data so we don’t even implement a data-led strategy in the first place.
Crazy right? But it happens…..a LOT.
When I find a way to beat my mild addiction to wheat, I will share it with you. If you have an inability to be led by data it might just help you. And then we’ll all be better off.


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