We all know the benefits of having a good friend, but how many of you have applied the same concepts of creating, maintaining and developing those friendships to your work?
During lockdown, SEARCYS took a very personal approach to their relationships and guess what, it worked. In this video, we explore the SEARCYS approach and how it has helped them during the most challenging time our industry has possibly ever known.
I suspect that like all good friendships, it’s not (yet) obvious just how much it has worked but if you’re measuring it in terms of cold hard stats then the ‘friendship’ approach SEARCYS took has most certainly hit the bullseye.
Their web stats went up, their client engagement went up and they found new ways to help their team, their suppliers, customers and each other.
Of course, we need to apply some good old fashioned marketing techniques, the stuff that has been learned from the many year’s experiences brings but it’s the approach and the sentiment that I believe has delivered the best results. Kudos to SEARCYS.
The last piece of the jigsaw will be to use the benchmarking and shine a light in all the places where the detailed answers lurk. The places which tell you how you compare against the market AND your competitors.
Grab a coffee and find out how SEARCYS have taken those friendships to another level.

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